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Stack-of-books6Hey everyone! The lovely Kim Barnes has asked me to be part of a blog tour.  Check out her website at…. kbarnes@uidaho.edu

Here are the answers to the blog tour questions. Next week three friends of mine Rene Steinke. Biz Mitchell and Maud Casey will share there news with you…


1) What are you working on?
I just finished a novel, Sister Golden Hair, that is coming 
from Tin House Books in the fall. 
I also have an essay 
in the June Vogue on interviewing Kurt Cobain 
twenty years ago.
 At this moment I am working 
on an essay for the 
Times about being Facebook friends with 
my high school 
girlfriends and the challenges 
that brings as we are now on 
opposite sides of the culture wars. I want to start 
up a new project. I have 
two--a nonfiction book on mothers and 
monsters and a book called The Stranging, 
about a women that starts 
her own religion.   

2) How does you work differ from others of its genre?
My work is lyrical and odd. I am very interested 
in this idea of the 
female numinous. Those moment that are so 
detail driven they are outside of time almost. 
I also think my novels 
seem like realistic fiction but are really 
stranger then that, put together not so much 
on the logic of time 
and space but more on the movement of the spirit. 

3) Why do you write what you do? 
This is a large and maybe impossible questions 
to answer really. But I can 
say I am a minister's daughter. I think 
my interest in the spiritual comes from that. 
Also I stuttered very 
badly as a child and so words and sentences and 
writing became very very important to me. 
I love written 
language so much, there are passages in books, I use to 
think when I was young, that I loved so much I would DIE for. 
So the idea of the spirit and the word, somehow in 
these things is why I write what I do. 

4) How does your writing process work?
I like to work in the morning for a few hours, 
2 to 5 depending how 
into a project I am. But I also think a lot 
about the work. I take notes on scraps of 
paper and napkins and in 
the back of books all day long. I am always 
working in some sense. 
Next week you will hear from...
Maud Casey is the author of three novels, The Shape of Things to Come, a New York Times Notable Book, Genealogy, and The Man Who Walked Away; and a collection of stories, Drastic. She is the recipient of the Calvino Prize and has received fellowships from the Fundación Valparaiso, Hawthornden International Writers Retreat, Château de Lavigny, Dora Maar, and the Passa Porta residency at Villa Hellebosch. Casey teaches at the University of Maryland and lives in Washington, D.C.
Elizabeth Mitchell is the author of the nonfiction books, Three Strides Before the Wire: The Dark and Beautiful World of Horse Racing (Hyperion) and W.: Revenge of the Bush Dynasty (Hyperion). Her newest book, Liberty’s Torch: The Great Adventure to Build the Statue of Liberty (Altantic Monthly Press), will be published in July 2014. Her bestselling e-single, The Fearless Mrs. Goodwin (Byliner) and Lady With a Past: A Petulant French Sculptor, His Quest for Immortality and the Real Story of the Statue of Liberty (Byliner) are reported historical narratives. She also authored Fire Horse for Byliner. Mitchell was executive editor of George magazine and features editor at SPIN magazine. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.

René Steinke’s most recent novel, Friendswood, will be published by Riverhead Books in August. She is also the author of the novels Holy Skirts (a finalist for the National Book Award) and The Fires. Her essays and articles have appeared in The  New York Times, Vogue, O Magazine, and Bookforum.  She is Editor-at-Large of The Literary Review, and she lives in Brooklyn.



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