There is a Punk Rock Concert Going on in my Yard Right now!

Yardparty2I thought, since I can’t really do anything else at the moment, I would live blog from the kitchen where I sit listening to my daughter’s friends bands. T-Rextacy is playing at the moment. They are playing a Yeah Yeah Yeah’s cover. Very energetic young woman singer with pig-tails. Before that two boy bands  played sort of Byrds inspired rock. Before the bands started to play there was a boy on the front porch sitting by himself reading a Jose Saramago novel. When I asked my daughter Abbie if he was ok, she said “There is always  Lyricsome Bard kid reading at our parties.” T-Rextacy just started a song by getting the crowd to sing with her, I AM NOT A PEICE  OF FOOD over and over, which I think was feminist but I am not sure.  Cute kid in a kitten t-shirt came into the kitchen to see if I had any ice.  Now T-Rextacy is playing Blister in the Sun by the Violent Femmes.  Looks like from the window there is some moshing.


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